Xbox360 ref numbers: They Too High???

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08-06-2005 10:33:50

Does anyone know about the xbox360 and how their referral numbers seem so high?? I heard that it is prolly within $299-$399 range

if it is at that price then shouldn't the referral numbers be lowered from 8 to say 6 or 7?

will gratis actually do that?

has gratis done something like this in the past?

GSXR 600

08-06-2005 11:17:54

They'll probably send something worth 8 referrals. So if the Xbox is 299, they'll at least send two least I hope that's how it goes.


08-06-2005 12:33:11

there still is no ptice announced so they may change when it comes out


08-06-2005 14:22:28

They are playing it safe. It's smart on their part. I doubt we see anything more than the basic Xbox package though.


08-06-2005 16:50:34

i thought i saw somewhere, sorry i cant find the link, that microsoft said it would be $299, or maybe i am just making that up. I dont know. It would be awsome if they did send a game


08-06-2005 17:21:12

yea they are playin it safe which is good but i just wanna know if they will lower ref numbers when price comes out or will they give games (halo3, perfect dark).

I hope that gratis representative (Jake) reads this


09-06-2005 09:41:44

If we find that the X-Box price is lower than was expected, then we will compensate accordingly.


09-06-2005 12:31:31

YES!!!! woohoo



09-06-2005 12:32:03

There really is no substitute for Gratis )