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08-06-2005 10:29:28

one of my refs said he did the napster offer and the columbia house DVD offer

it has been more then a week (i think about 8 or 9 days) and i was just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with these offers


08-06-2005 11:25:56

not trying to be a dick, but do a search....this question comes up a shitload of times.....and check out

its got nearly all the info you need on the offers available.


08-06-2005 12:25:43

alright thx, sry bout that


08-06-2005 12:32:35

make sure he has cookies turned n too


08-06-2005 13:06:58

[quoteba359a1d01="n3il89"]alright thx, sry bout that[/quoteba359a1d01]

hey no problem, its just that you'll probably get the answer quicker that way than asking and waiting for people to reply. D