Any word on Xbox shipments on FGS???

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07-06-2005 13:25:49

Well??? Anything?? I have a support ticket open that hasn't been answered since I issued it a week ago inquiring why my STV date was changed from my original date to 6/1/2005.


07-06-2005 15:42:28

With FGS you have to have patience. I see from your sig that you've been waiting for a little over a month since you went processing. I and others waited just shy of 4 months from the time our orders were "processing". Granted, that's no excuse, but it does mean there's a large backlog of folks Gratis is probably still fulfilling. At one point our status had gone to shipped as well (I believe it was beginning of April) and it turned out it was incorrect. The same may have been true with your initial STV.

With all of that said, if they changed your STV date from 5/6 to 6/1 I'd still think you're in good shape. When our accounts were erroneously marked STV, we didn't get new STV dates, instead, our status was changed to Backordered. So, you should probably be getting your XBOX in the next week or so would be my guess. But my advice would be keep your expectations low.


07-06-2005 20:39:28

Dude I've been waiting since 3/16 if you think your 5/4 is bad....


08-06-2005 08:22:50

STV since 4/13