A question for anyone that has received the Sony Cybershot.

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07-06-2005 07:57:03

As the screen is so large for playback.. I am wondering Can you use this thing as a portable media player? (convert full length movies and drop them on the card to watch)?
Had to ask... Has anyone tried this?
Also if so.. is there a headphone jack included for the playback?


07-06-2005 10:11:08

I guess if you encode the video in the same format that the cybershot records in, it should work?


07-06-2005 11:36:00

Yeah, i think it encodes them in mov, so i think it would work.


07-06-2005 13:55:22

I'm no expert in these areas, but here's what I know. I have the cybershot DSCM1, and it records movies in mp4 format. You have to download a special codec to play them in windows media player, I used mpegable. I tried uploading a .wmvurl==http://=http:///url file to see if I could play it on my camera and it didn't recognize it. I would not recommend using the camera as a video player anyway because the batteries would go dead too fast.


08-06-2005 08:05:55

If you encode the movie to mpg4 and put it on the memory stick, then it should work no problem.

BTW, isn't the DSCM1 the SHliT?!?!?

I think it's my favorite free gift so far ;)


08-06-2005 09:10:06

Yes, it is.