Where is my Flatscreen???

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05-06-2005 16:46:48

I have not been able to track the package for my WEGA, it says that it was shipped, but the scheduled delivery was Friday and it didnt come. How long should I wait before contacting gratis? Has this happened to anyone else before? This is my first free item so I dont know what to do!


05-06-2005 17:26:02

I went sent to vendor on 5-26 and my status hasn't changed although I heard some people received their flatscreens on Friday...I'm guessing you are in the same boat as me. Hopefully we'll be seeing those Monday.

When did you go sent to vendor? Do you actually have a tracking number? Which shipping company is it with if you do have a number?

Anyone else in the same situation???


05-06-2005 17:31:02

try giving DHL a call to see if they actually have your item or not and if so, when it will be delivered....youve probably got more of a chance calling them than waiting for a reply from gratis.


05-06-2005 18:07:55

Both of those dont help me... It says that it was shipped by NVCC, never heard of them. Also I am not STV, I was shipped supposedly.

Not really sure what to do.


06-06-2005 07:56:21

NVCC? Never heard of them...I can't even find anything online!

Ugggh, where are our flatscreens?

Tony White

06-06-2005 15:45:34

Did you check the emails that you were sent for shipment? I believe it has the number for NVCC and other information. But here it the number I used

800-526-0207 ext. 7

However, here's the bad news. I had a TV that was scheduled for delivery last Friday/today. When I tried to track it on NVCC, nothing showed up. I called them and they said the product arrived "damaged" and has to be resent. I'm not sure if it was bad luck on my part or if the whole batch was bad, If so, I guess we all have to wait a bit longer, which sucks, but it is understandable, as I want my TV to work.

If I learn more, I will try and post here.


06-06-2005 15:50:52

Hmm, well I just tried calling them...they were really friendly but couldn't find anything. Thanks for posting, though...I'll keep updating if I find out anything as well.


07-06-2005 14:19:42

I called them today. The TV just got to their delivery facility last night. They called me today to schedule a delivery. I will have my TV on thurs!


07-06-2005 14:41:38

Yeah, Jake hooked me up with a tracking number for UPS earlier (it works, too) so I should be good to go...don't have an estimated delivery yet since it just got entered into the system, but Jake said tomorrow will probably be the day I get my answers on when it'll arrive.

Thanks Jake!