Has this happened to you?

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05-06-2005 15:54:27

I found out the other week that I was put on hold. One of my referrals went gray for what I thought was attributed to the fact that Gratis thought he made multiple accounts. Well, it turns out thats not why they put my account on hold. The problem is, I have absolutely no idea why I'm on hold. I'm not just saying that to appear innocent like you may think though, I seriously don't have a clue why I am on hold. I did everything according to their TOS, I stayed with the offer I signed up for, etc...yet something apparantly flagged my account. I frequent this forum so I know exactly what I can and can't do on these sites. Has this happened to anyone? I am having a difficult time explaining myself in support tickets since I don't know why I'm on hold to begin with. I don't know what else to do roll


05-06-2005 17:22:16

Yep it happened to me on freeipodshuffles


05-06-2005 17:23:02

theres not much you can do really....just keep contacting customer service....but make sure when you do that your explaining in as much detail as possible your situation and whats going on......i was put on hold twice on freeipods.com and so was the person i signed up under, apparently because one of his refs (me) wasnt unique.....i kept contacting them until they took both our accounts of hold and i did the same the next time they did it also.

as far as i know thats about all you can do.

they do have a rep on here from gratis....his name is jake....trying PM'ing see if he can fix something.


05-06-2005 19:55:26

Yeah, I know Jake's on here. I guess I kinda feel bad bothering him with it because I'm sure he has enough to do. I guess I'll see if I have any sucess with Gratis this week. Did they take you off hold cuz they were sick of you, or did you finally get through to them?


05-06-2005 20:50:37

i think it just a mistake mainly....the just checked my account and the other guy's and they saw that neither of us had broken the TOS so they took us off hold.....the 2nd time was just their fault due to not paying attention to the fact that they had already reviewed my account and taken it off hold.

the last time i contacted them about taking me off hold the said that they were sorry for the inconvenience and had put a note on my account so that it wouldnt happen again.

i think if you just pester them but not to the point where you're annoying them or pissing them off....they'll get the message and either make a final answer (on hold or not).