Still STV on freeflatscreens...anyone else?

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02-06-2005 14:13:31

I went STV on 5/26. Anyone know what's going on in the land of I've heard you track those orders through UPS...still nothing from them as best as I can tell. Does anyone have any info on when these should be shipping and arriving? I'm supposed to be getting the 19" Sony flatscreen.

Any input is greatly appreciated )


02-06-2005 19:10:52

I also went STV 5/26 on the 17"

Haven't heard anything yet


02-06-2005 21:36:39

Thanks for the reply...anyone else have any info they can share?


03-06-2005 09:14:01

Mine came in today! woo hoo


03-06-2005 09:24:20

Came today? Sweet! Did it come UPS?


03-06-2005 09:31:26

Here's the proof! )

http//[" alt=""/img0af68c64ec]

It came via FedEx


03-06-2005 09:37:05

I'm gonna try tracking it via Fedex using the order number right now. Thanks for the info!


03-06-2005 09:42:23 info on Fedex, DHL, or UPS! You're in Florida, right? I'd think it would be easier to get it to Illinois from MI........


03-06-2005 13:49:13

Mine is still showing as "Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product" on their site.

I never got an email or anything from them or the Vendor.

Good luck guys

and pshh! Everyone wants to come to FL, that's why it got here so quickly ;)


03-06-2005 15:17:48

lol I usually want to go to Florida...not this time of year, though ;)