Jake, does gratis care about scammers?

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02-06-2005 13:14:16

I know a lot of people say they will report people who scam them in trades, but does Gratis actually care about this? It does not hurt them. And how would they verify this? If action is taken, what is the best way to report them?


02-06-2005 13:17:53

I don't think Gratis would care about scammers because they just see yellows, greens, greys, and reds for your referrals. They don't know who you did a trade with or who signed up randomly or was a friend.


02-06-2005 13:18:03

edit ur thread title... take jake out


02-06-2005 13:24:56

[quoteb63a7d499b="aguy"]edit ur thread title... take jake out[/quoteb63a7d499b]If you are referring to the Announcement wood made about asking Jake questions in thread, it is in regard to user-specific questions. It is allowed to ask him questions that are about everyone.


02-06-2005 13:25:50

There isn't a lot we can do about scammers because those transactions are out of our jurisdiction in a way.

Spammers however......... twisted