Shipped XBOX folks - do you see 2 packages coming to you?

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02-06-2005 07:57:57

I just checked my XBOX status on DHL. It was supposed to arrive today, but looks like its been pushed back to Friday (grrrr). Anyway, when I tracked by reference and entered my XBOX order number, 2 packages showed up as heading toward me - one 13lb package and one 1lb...

Obviously the 13lb is the XBOX, but I'm curious about the 1lb package... I just got my Shuffle earlier this week and it was a 1lb package from E Fulfillment, but it was a totally different tracking number (and now shows delivered of course). So, what could this extra 1lb package be?

Is Gratis sending a "Sorry it took 4 months" consolation gift? Is this a mistake?

Anyway, wanted to see if others are witnessing this phenomena.


02-06-2005 08:01:55

Looking at the "Description" field the XBOX (13lb) package shows "X X" while the 1lb package shows "XACC" - my shuffle shows "SH" as the description.

So, doesn't look like its a Shuffle. But rather looks like possibly some sort of Xbox Accessory?


02-06-2005 08:59:08

Anyone witnessing the same thing? Anyone receiving (or received) their XBOX that doesn't see this?


02-06-2005 09:36:16

xacc is an a xbox accessory i beleive, i was told that i has aspecial gift coming to me. And i have that 1lb package coming to me too. Maybe they were sent to ALL xbox people since the xboxs took so damn long to ship.

hopefully its a game or a controller.

also i just noticed my 1lb package is scheduled to arrive 6/3 BUT it says "With Delivery Courier" so i hope i get it today when i get my free PSP.


02-06-2005 09:42:56

damn i'm still STV with no shipping info



02-06-2005 09:45:48

Just noticed mine is with the delivery courier now as well... Interesting that both this and the XBOX went out the exact same time, but the XACC might be delivered today...


02-06-2005 10:30:21

Mine is going to be delivered today. I called DHL. Will keep you updated.


02-06-2005 10:39:30

dvd remote and KoToR game


02-06-2005 10:42:50

WTF, first I miss the shipment for PSPs and now the Xboxes. And the same thing happend with my Xbox STV date as it did on PSP, they both changed to 6/1/2005


02-06-2005 10:43:53

[quoteca4c65e1a4="dug1200"]dvd remote and KoToR game[/quoteca4c65e1a4]

KoToR ?

so dvd remote and a game are the bonuses?,...kewl


02-06-2005 10:44:06

[quote904aa4d67f="dug1200"]dvd remote and KoToR game[/quote904aa4d67f]

That's awesome, congrats everyone who's getting an Xbox w/ the bonus package.

Lunar - KoToR is Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic


02-06-2005 10:45:43

Yeah, that would be lovely.

KoToR = Knights of the Old Republic


02-06-2005 10:50:11

damn...already own that and the dvd remote too

o well


02-06-2005 11:02:32

6/2/2005 849 am With delivery courier.
736 am Arrived at DHL facility. Sacramento, CA

wooo its coming!!!!!


02-06-2005 11:30:24

my bonus just came, only got the dvd remote, no KoToR

o well.


02-06-2005 11:58:24

dug, where did you hear of both the dvd remote and KoToR?


02-06-2005 12:17:11

I just saw someone's picture of it on anything4free - that's the only source I've seen for both the remote and KoToR...


02-06-2005 12:29:27

All i know is that they sent me a genuine sealed microsoft xbox remote.

MSRp like 20$ i think

not complaining one bit either, thanks efullfillment, and im amazed im saying this....Thanks Gratis!


02-06-2005 12:34:47

[quote22c7ed3218="Lunarpancake"]All i know is that they sent me a genuine sealed microsoft xbox remote.

MSRp like 20$ i think

not complaining one bit either, thanks efullfillment, and im amazed im saying this....Thanks Gratis![/quote22c7ed3218]

Lunar...what are you thanking eFulfillment for? Gratis bought the remotes and paid eFulfillment to ship them o.O


02-06-2005 12:49:30

True, but I think he might be thanking efulfillment for FINALLY getting XBOX's in stock...


02-06-2005 13:05:29

All I got was a remote, I was about to blow a gasket if I did all that work for a $20 remote.... hopefully the Xbox will make it, 3 months 20-something days and counting.....

http//[" alt=""/img]


02-06-2005 13:05:53

Just got my remote (also no game - maybe they're with the XBOX...). It certainly was above and beyond to send the remote. I greatly appreciate the consideration involved. That Gratis didn't simply say, "well, who cares if they had to wait 4 months, they got it for free." Definitely a classy act.


02-06-2005 13:13:52

my friend got the dvd remote and the game with the xbox


02-06-2005 13:32:48

Yes, I just received both packages. The DVD is in a separate package, while Knights of the Old Republic is with the XBox system itself. Thanks Gratis.


02-06-2005 13:34:12

NICE! Very cool of Gratis.


02-06-2005 15:45:58

that is really awesome of gratis
crosses fingers hoping to get a package with his


03-06-2005 14:11:37

XBOX & KoToR arrived. Very nice.


03-06-2005 15:40:40

[quote1963fdf765="mapStuart"]XBOX & KoToR arrived. Very nice.[/quote1963fdf765]

see...and you doubted me


03-06-2005 16:46:31

I want my xbox so damn badly. when did you guys order?


03-06-2005 23:51:02

[quote9f1a07816b="dug1200"][quote9f1a07816b="mapStuart"]XBOX & KoToR arrived. Very nice.[/quote9f1a07816b]

see...and you doubted me[/quote9f1a07816b]
No, never doubted, just tried not to get my hopes up. Similar to the PSPs where some got the Spiderman UMD while others didn't (all part of the same shipment - I was a non-Spiderman recipient)...


03-06-2005 23:52:53

[quote28b5b35244="_ur__mom___"]I want my xbox so damn badly. when did you guys order?[/quote28b5b35244]
Let's see, I submitted for approval on January 18th I think. Finally approved on February 7th and submitted for Processing on the same day. Finally went STV about 2 months later only to learn that was an error. And finally received my XBOX on 6/3 just shy of the 4 month mark for having submitted the order...