FreeIpodShuffle Time Question

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31-05-2005 14:38:19

How long does it normaly take to recieve your free shuffle after you get aproved and request an order?


31-05-2005 14:50:14

i got mine today. it took me like 2-3 weeks to get mine.


31-05-2005 15:57:50

i got mine today as well...i ordered it a week ago...but i think my timing was real good...cuz i got approved within a day and a day later i was stv


31-05-2005 17:37:24

acording to dhl i got mine today as well but i was home all day and the bell never rang. i called them up to ask about it


31-05-2005 17:47:06

Its all about timing. Like dug1200 mine took about a week - approved the day before STV which is about as good as it gets. The shuffles seem to be one of the most consistent items, shipping every 3-4 weeks on a fairly regular basis.


31-05-2005 17:48:43

10 to 15 days


31-05-2005 20:06:33

Got mine today as well. Got to show it off at work. Now I can hopefully convince my co workers to join as well.


01-06-2005 14:09:21

got my shuffle today yay!!!


01-06-2005 16:05:00

awsome, thanks, I got stv today. I can wait 10 or so days, thats reasonable.