freeipods _APPROVED_ now how long til STV?

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27-05-2005 10:34:55

after 16 days (which is however many business days) i have been approved @

did anyone else get approved today?

now how long until i get stv?


27-05-2005 10:39:48

lol seems like you JUST missed the newest STV batch (

Who knows how long you'll have to wait now. Atleast a month or so.

Unless you make it in to thuis latest STV batch. Good luck.


27-05-2005 10:47:10

fudge mcfuckstick


27-05-2005 10:48:50

usually 2 weeks


27-05-2005 13:56:46

i got approved today as well, and i ordered my ipod, so now its processing as well! i hope they ship the ipod soon, this is taking forever, and im getting too excited as this is my first free gift!


27-05-2005 16:25:06

yea, it is always exciting!