thinking of upgrading freeipod, but phto has sound problems?

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26-05-2005 15:33:24

been reading alot of review on ipod photo as i plan on upgrading 20 gb, the thing is alot of review on amazon and cent use rreview point out that ipod photo have sound issues. the ipod phto liek distorts lot easier than ipods. the re was even ahuge long post about this iin the support forums, aparently its not a fluke but a problem in all photos.any1 hjeard of this problem? Here the discussion




now im thinking of just getting u2pd.


26-05-2005 15:36:11

from what i can get out of your post (its kind of butchard), i have heard of this but i thought it was the newest gen. of the 20gb ipod, maybe i am wrong but the 20gb had some static or something in the sound.


26-05-2005 16:00:23

yeah no kidding. how difficult is it to type correctly, or to type as horribly as you just did but then go back at the end and take out all the wrong J's and spaces...