FREEIPODS.COM - Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product - Great!!

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25-05-2005 19:54:52

But, how much longer before they ship it? I mean I'm not in a rush, I didn't pay for it, after all it's free. Nontheless I still would like to have a speculation as to when it will ship. I want to show it off at school.. My last day this semester is one week from this Friday. I have to prove that this stuff is ligit!! I'm sick of being bashed!! Anyways I bet a free ipod combined with Gratis's sweet T-shirt would be an even greater chick magnet then my wasabi peas!


25-05-2005 20:35:25

should ship late this week (friday/sat) or early next week (mon/tue)

Rube Waddell

25-05-2005 20:40:52

[quoteba3780df48="bruman"]should ship late this week (friday/sat) or early next week (mon/tue)[/quoteba3780df48]

I just went STV on freedigitalcameras. Will they also be shipped within a week? I'm getting the Canon Powershot S70.


25-05-2005 21:19:31

I fucking love wasabi peas. Mmmmmm....


25-05-2005 21:46:30

there is a seperate board for this