Jake - how long should free360xbox.com approval take?

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24-05-2005 19:50:49

i wouldn't be asking this normally, but since it's a new site and the product isn't even out yet, just though Jake might be able to shed some light. are we gonna see 3 week approval intervals or are we gonna get that sweet 12 hours approval some of us got?


24-05-2005 20:20:49

oh gawd...


24-05-2005 20:50:19

wtf.. This is getting out of control.


25-05-2005 16:21:28

Who honestly gives a shit? You wont get it any sooner...you'll just be sitting at your computer everyday checking to see if it STV when X-Box 360 isn't even released yet...stop with the damned Jake questions...just ask everyone. \


25-05-2005 18:31:51

stupid question thanks for wasting our time thread locked