FGS Xbox approved!!!

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24-05-2005 17:16:26

i hope this doesnt mean everybody else is shipped, and im the NEW batch. lol that would suck, being as that it took what seems to be years for everybody else.

lets hope that i'm in the same group as the rest of you guys


24-05-2005 22:23:50

I hate to be the one to say it, but there are those of us that have been approved since the beginning of February - almost 4 months now... So, in that span of time I'd have to think Gratis now has a pretty significant backlog of folks waiting to get their XBOXs. For your sake I hope they get their hands on a TON, but if I were you, I'd sit back and not think about it - it'll come when it comes (and it might be that you'll only get a check or something given the rumors of no more XBOXs being manufactured and such).

Anyway, good luck.


25-05-2005 07:46:59

supposedly all xboxes will beshipped by end of this month........ this was told to me by a rep 3 or 4 days ago


25-05-2005 08:13:57

keyword being "supposedly." I'm not trying to be pessimistic, just seems hard to believe they'd have gone 4 months on some orders if they've now found a supplier that has hundreds in stock... Could be, but I'm just keeping my expectations low (and encouraging newly approved folks to keep theirs low as well - its the only way I've been able to be remain sane waiting since 2/7 - I'd imagine you're similar Lunar).


25-05-2005 17:16:31

are ps2's backordered as well? thats what i ordered.


25-05-2005 18:18:52

Today my BACKORDERED changed to STV!!!! i hope this meens ill receive soon. Its been almost 4 months now since i first went STV.


25-05-2005 19:24:57

2/7 finally stv


25-05-2005 19:42:20

Jake, any updates? You said by the end of the month, it's getting near then....


25-05-2005 20:09:12

[quoteaee8bd35a5="PodTopia"]Jake, any updates? You said by the end of the month, it's getting near then....[/quoteaee8bd35a5]

notice the two posts above yours....where some 2 people who were BACK ORDERED are now STV. Seems like an update to me.


26-05-2005 09:38:59

2/7 - Backordered -> STV

Dare we dream...


27-05-2005 12:12:31

almost end of may