Newbie...On Hold..Help....Jake?

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24-05-2005 10:17:48

Hi guys
I'm new at this referral thing, I finished my freephotoipod acc and I just checked it and this is what it says
" While you have completed all the requirements to get a FREE photo iPod, we have reviewed your account and referral offer completions and have placed your account on hold. We have determined that your referrals appear to not be unique users. Because we make money from advertisers who only pay us for unique users, we cannot credit you for these referrals. "

I have been approved and processing for about 1.5 weeks, It was even verified overnight, but today this message showed up, I really dont know what i did wrong since I know personally the majority of ppl who signed up under me,they chose and signed up for their own offer, and the others maybe signed up after reading the email I sent them..

Is it just that I have referrals who have more than 1 accounts or does it have anything to do with me ? because it still says processing now in the status window ... is it possible to replace the invalid referrals since it is not my fault? but the list with all the green buttons didn't reappear. I tried to contact them asking what was wrong yesterday but no reply yet

Please help me if anyone knows what to do or has been in the same situation before.
Thanks in advance guys!


24-05-2005 10:44:59

you need to open a support ticket to have them deal with this