Approved Today!! (see how many yellows I had)!

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23-05-2005 23:06:39

Finally approved! 65 yellows or so, 8 greens. Ordered a 20GB ipod with a white i love freeipods tshirt (didn't know they give u one).

I put my gf's link on my site after I had 5 on mine (3 greened later), and the site already got her 4 greens with 56 yellows, so she'll be submitting soon too, we'll have a nice matching pair of ipods D


23-05-2005 23:21:02

tyhe shirts are only a maybe

and will those ipods go with her nice matching pair of insert noun


24-05-2005 01:08:43

Wow, congrats Archon!

Seems like a lot of people got approved last week and today..

[quote53b1a4e449]...with a white i love freeipods tshirt...[/quote53b1a4e449]

I ordered a Black/Medium. I dont know if some shirts are more available then others.

Anyway, I smell STV sooooon. )