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23-05-2005 15:10:25

Noticed that EVERYONE's thread starts with "JAKE-". He'll get to your post, not everything needs to have his name in it.


23-05-2005 15:22:36

Feels nice to say it though....."Jake"....yeah...."Jake"...I like it...


23-05-2005 15:26:45

I just like to say Jake, ive ALWAYS said Jake -x


23-05-2005 15:56:58

hahahaha makes Jake.....
a) a celebrity on this board
b) really annoyed or really happy that people have such concerns that may or may not be obvious
c) a bad a$$ because he might be actually able to handle all these annoying complaints

this one is for you Jake ! litoastsli


23-05-2005 17:52:26

I noticed that, it's kind of ridiculous. And now people are asking questions that don't even need to be asked.

"Jake, I got approved today do you know when I'll get my ipod?"
"Jake, I got put on hold for being one of my referrals can you help me?"
"Jake, how long do I have to wait for approval"


24-05-2005 06:19:10

Seriously People.

I just counted TEN different posts with the word JAKE in them.
Talk about overkill!

Stupid questions will be locked. Public mockery and KMA-- will quickly follow thereafter!


24-05-2005 06:36:04

And most of the questions are things that could be handled through PM.

I feel like FIG should impose some kind of system to filter the good and bad questions to Jake. If someone starts a thread like "Jake blah blah" and a moderator can answer the question, then it should be answered, locked, and given a new title.

If my name was on pages and pages of forums (look back at October with Harry), I'd get burnt out, quick.

Just my $0.02