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Here it is...send it to your friends so you don't have to explain this to them every time! We ALL know this gets REALLY annoying and you just want to strangle them. So instead just send them this and make them read it.

And here is a quote from it...

[quote654a23979f]Q So how does the whole process work?

A You have to sign up on a site such as, which is the largets free sit there is. Gratis is a company that owns this site and they are the first company to ever do this, starting out with which is a point-based site where you complete offers to gain points and then you can purchase items. Then they moved onto referral-based sites such as where you have to REFER your friends to the site using your personalized referral link. You will receive your own referral link which you then can IM, e-mail or give to your friends in any way. They then must sign up USING YOUR REFERRAL LINK (or you won't get credit) and complete an offer.

Q Is it hard to do?

A I can do them easily now, but for a beginner, yes it is extremely difficult to finally receive your free gift. Unless you are willing to put down a few hours of your time, do not attempt this.

Q How many referrals do I need?

A iPod Shuffle - 3 Referrals; Photo iPods, MiniMacs, Digital Cameras, Flat Screens, Desktop PC - 10 referrals per site; X-box 360 - 8 Referrals; iPod Mini or 20 GB, Sony PSP, Handbag - 5 referrals.

Q So I can just send someone the link, and they sign up and that counts as a referral?

A No, they have to sign up and do an offer, such as eFax, Blockbuster, etc. You also have to do one offer.

Q What is an offer? Does it cost money?

A An offer is you signing up for a free trial of a service or some type of program such as eFax, which is my favorite offer because of its simplicity and the fact that the free trial is actually free. Some offers are completely free but others can cost up to $30 and beyond.

Q Can I just make new accounts and do my own referrals?

A NO! DEFINATELY NOT! This is CHEATING and Gratis has people looking for this. They are not stupid and your account will be deleted and permanently banned from ALL free sites and you will not receive ANY free gift if they catch you cheating.

Q Do I need a credit card? If so, why?

A Yes you need a credit card for all of the current offers, this is because you are signing up for a FREE trial (the offers) and these companies are hoping you will like the free trial and continue to use their services, which then cost a certain amount per month. So if you do not like your free trial, you may cancel the free trial by going to their site and finding either the online support or a customer service phone number to call. Keep all e-mails you receive from the offer because they have valuable information such as your username and such that you will need to cancel your free trial.

Q So how does a company make money by sending out over 8 million dollars in FREE merchandise?

A They are making their money through the offers, the companies such as eFax, and Blockbuster Online are paying Gratis loads of money for Gratis to send them new customers daily. It is like a television ad except the companies (eFax, Blockbuster, etc.) KNOW they will receive a sign up and possibly a life-long customer, however with a television ad costing 1 million up to 2.5 million dollars may get them sign ups however it is not definate. For every offer complete, Gratis receives roughly $50. This money pays for your free gift. Where Gratis makes TONS of their money is when someone gets maybe 4 referrals and not 5 so they get to keep all of the offer money and do not have to send out a free gift.

Q What are some good sites to visit?

A ; ; ; All of those have many forums and tutorials and such on how to receive your free gift.

Q Are these sites legit?

A If you are still reading this, you probably already know they are...but yes...these sites are LEGITIMATE! I have received a 1 GB iPod Shuffle, $550 via PayPal, Sony PSP, Sony Slim PS2, and an Apple iPod (20GB version). All of it is brand new and working. So far I have made over $1,300 in profit from these websites.

Q Where do I start?

A If you want to help me out, please use my referral links if posted.

Referral Based Sites

Point Based Sites

After receiving probably 20 people asking how to do it and I had to explain this to EVERYONE I finally gave up and just made a FAQ, if you still have questions send me an IM @ JHartford6 and I will add it to the FAQ.[/quote654a23979f]

If you have any ideas on anything to add just post here. Thanks. 8)


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haha, referral link for 360xbox.


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Not a bad FAQ. But I dont like the format. It's hard to read. Use some basic javascript or php and hyperlink from the questions to the answers.


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[quote0e3a809168="VGM"]haha, referral link for 360xbox.[/quote0e3a809168]


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Oh sorry about the 360xbox link, I just copied and pasted from my site without thinking about the refferral link being on this site. Sorry. I will add anchor name tags later and at the top have links down to it.


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