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21-05-2005 16:47:50

Heres my issue I recently moved as of the last couple days
but before I moved I had requested approval on FGS and I know from being on this site that the xboxs are backordered and there are a ton of people that still havent received theirs that got approved before me I think I got approved 4/13 so realizing after I submitted my addy that it might not come by the time I moved (my lease ran out today 5/21 but my roommate has extended his tel 6/11)I submitted a customer support ticket on 4/28 asking what I should do. well I'll just post all the customer support tickets they are pretty much self explanatory...

4/28/2005 64109 PM
I wrote
I am moving out of my APT into a house over the month of May. I have ordered an Xbox and have been proccesing since 4/13. However my lease runs out on my APT at the end of May and I am worried that I will not receive my gaming system before I move and my lease is over. I was hoping you could advise me on when I could expect to receive my product or if I need to give you my new address and If that is the case how I would go about doing that. Thank you for your time & help! Will

4/28/2005 64110 PM
customer service wrote

>Due to the high volume of customer inquiries, we cannot provide each person with a time frame of when they will each receive their order.

We ask that you be patient during the order fulfillment process as it is not an "instantaneous" process. Orders are grouped together in the time period that they are initially placed by the customer and then sent to the product's vendor for the orders to be fulfilled.

Once your order is placed with the product vendor it is processed and then shipped to you.

When your order ships you will be notified and will receive tracking information (tracking number not applicable to to follow your order's shipment. Please be patient and your account will be updated when your order ships.
Again, we cannot provide individual order updates; your account will update itself as soon as any change to your order status occurs.

4/28/2005 64703 PM
I then wrote
Since it isn't possible for you to tell me if I will be receiving my xbox before my lease runs out at the end of May. How can I change my current shipping address to my new home address(I'm excited this is the first house I'll own) so that I can still get my xbox. Thanks so much for your help and time, Will

4/28/2005 64704 PM
customer service wrote
We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

5/3/2005 51249 PM
customer service wrote
If you do not receiving the free Xbox within 2 weeks before you move, please contact us again to change your shipping address. Thank you for contacting us.

The problem is I misread the last one completely my fault and took it to mean if their isnt a status change before the two weeks that you move contact us to change your addy well I went STV before 2 weeks before I'd move so I didnt contact you guys because I misread your response. So heres my problem I am now living at my new house and my roommate is out of town for awhile. Will gratis let us know when they are shipping the xbox's because im thinking at this point my best bet is to contact dhl or whoever the shipper is(as soon as they get it) and arrange to pick it up from them instead of having them try and deliver it. So yeah any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated sorry about the length of this post didnt know how to say my problem exactly


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24-05-2005 10:34:32

oh come on no one has any ideas or suggestions other then what Ive come up with or is my post to long


24-05-2005 10:59:29

have you tried contacting gratis again via a support ticket to explain to them that you've already moved now and to see if there's something they can do on their end?

[quotee4af2b8566]or is my post to long[/quotee4af2b8566]

yes )


30-05-2005 13:03:11

Any update with shipping the Xboxes anyone?


30-05-2005 13:40:40

Gimme some cliff notes and i'll give you my opinion on it lol