A questions about addresses

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19-05-2005 22:56:41

A friend of mine registered for some of my sites with his work address (physical, not email), but signed up for offers using his home address because of his CC.

Does it matter? Does Gratis require these addresses to be the same?


19-05-2005 23:07:27

nah as far as i know it makes no difference.....im sure there are people who have comps at work but not at home, but dont want shit delivered to their work (obvisously). so no it should be good.


20-05-2005 07:41:18

That should not pose a problem.

Sometimes, we encourage people to use their work addresses because the delivery guys only work during business hours like the rest of us and therefore, people are unable to receive the items that are being shipped to them at those times.


20-05-2005 09:22:11

Thanks! So nice to have a rep on the board.