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19-05-2005 14:44:32

I tried searching for this, but it's a hard topic to search for. I got my brother to sign up on for me. He used one email, a@a.a to sign up for and a different email, b@b.b for the offer he did. I don't see why this would be a problem, but I know how anal these sites are. Any of you know if this will cause a problem? The offer he did was Simple Escapes, if that matters.


19-05-2005 16:25:58

No, it doesn't matter. They even say you can use different emails (I think in the customer support section). I've done that with BB for example, and got credited fine.


19-05-2005 16:28:23

Oh cool! Thanks, giggly. +KMA to you )


20-05-2005 05:45:46

But I remember reading on here about somebody not getting credit because the information on the Gratis site didn't match the info on the offer site. Maybe you'll slip through.