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19-05-2005 14:22:27

i have been processing on shuffles since may-6th i believe after a week they dq one of my referals later found out it was because he signed up for site and didnt put in address. dont see how that one works but they fixed it and now im proccessing again. anyone know when the next shipment is. they still shipping ever 2-3 weeks or is it longer. i still need to be approved but hopefulyl i get approved and get shipped very soon. so i can use my shuffle before i go away for the summer


19-05-2005 14:45:46

yea, anyone know when the next STV for freeipods is?


19-05-2005 15:04:55

I just got my three greens on freeipodshuffles 2 days ago, so I'm waiting for approval too. I honestly don't really care though because I don't even want the thing. BUT it's the first site I've finished, so I'm happy )


19-05-2005 15:21:19

yeah i alreayd have a shuffle from oc. so im taking this one along with a 50$ gc i got from some other site to circuit city and trading it in for an ipod mini if they will let me and if not i will just sell it for 140$ around there on ebay and buy a mini online for 170$. i am going to sell my oc shuffle as well but is opened so i wont be getting nearly as much as i could if it wasnt.


21-05-2005 05:49:53

anyone get approved yet? im still proccessing for approval


24-05-2005 15:11:30

YAY!! I just got approved today.


24-05-2005 15:32:08

yay i did as well hopefully not long till STV

i got a weird message when i typed in address
OOPS! We cant verify this address with the US Postal Service! Please go back and make sure you have given us a complete address. If you are sure about the address, click Finalize to complete your order.

it is correct address i typed it in 3 diffretn times to be sure


24-05-2005 15:49:57

Haha yea me too.


24-05-2005 16:02:52

is this just a new disclamer? if others are getting the same message it might be a new warning or some kind. to make sure u have right address


24-05-2005 16:18:00

yea it's probally a warning to double check your address. i kept reading mine over and over and over a lot before i submitted my order. better safe than sorry. =o)


24-05-2005 16:21:08

yeah i just submitted it i think its just a new disclamer saying if u mess up address u wont get gift.


24-05-2005 16:41:53

It's not really a disclaimer, but rather its Gratis has integrated an API to verify addresses people enter against the US Postal Service. So, when you get that message, it means that your address didn't quite match up with the official USPS address. Gratis used to show you what the USPS had for your address and then had you select either your address or the USPS provided one. I know with my address (in Colorado Springs) the "official" USPS address abbreviates the city to "Colo Sprgs" or something like that.

Its not a vital thing - just verify your address is correct and you should be fine.


24-05-2005 18:26:46

i got approved today as well and got that same message...its kinna like when you type an address in mapquest or whatever and they are like we couldnt find this...but heres this...which is almost the same

kinnda sucks cuz i requested approval for my psp site last friday or so and ipodshuffle yesterday and today i get approved for the really doesnt suck...i just want that psp


25-05-2005 09:00:17

wow that was quick i got approved yesterday and today im Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product


25-05-2005 09:39:05

[quote844db17e06="mrwzk"]wow that was quick i got approved yesterday and today im Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product[/quote844db17e06]
Me too!


25-05-2005 14:13:16

me too =)


25-05-2005 14:27:14

me too - I love when he timing is perfect...


25-05-2005 14:39:55

how long is it from request aproval till you actually get it? wondering cause i just requested aproval on shuffle.


25-05-2005 14:50:41

Me five! hehe. I wonder when they will ship..


25-05-2005 14:53:33

I also got in on the one day processing )


25-05-2005 15:02:35

Damn I need to get home quick. Cant access gratis's sites at work. Ive been waiting forever well since 5/12 to go stv. They better have stv'd me. Id be pissed if you only needed one day and Ive yet to go stv


25-05-2005 19:22:54

it was only 1 day of approved to stv, but it took 2.5 weeks to approve me so thats where the wait for me was