STV for! (4/19) $250 COACH gift certificate

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19-05-2005 08:31:09

Hey guys.. I got the following 2 emails

On 5/12

To J_______ -

We have received your request to receive a Coach gift card and are in the process of fulfilling it. Your order status should change to "in progress" within the next 1-2 days. Thank you for your patience.

Gratis Internet Customer Service Dept.

On 5/18

To J_______ -

Thank you for your patience with your handbag fulfilment. Coach is currently processing a $250 gift certificate for you. Once we receive a shipping tracking number from them, we will input it under your Account Status on the site.

Gratis Internet Customer Service Dept.

Today my status changed to STV, WOP )

Hopefully it will come soon! I'm dying to hit up the Coach outlet near my job! wink

I guess this shows that the Coach bags are still giving $250 gift certs!


19-05-2005 14:03:28

let us know what gift card you are getting


19-05-2005 15:51:18

i wish they would just stv me, people have gotten their shit before me and i went processing 4/19/2005.


19-05-2005 17:03:25

[quotebe04672473="pho32"]let us know what gift card you are getting[/quotebe04672473]

They told me a $250 Coach gift card )


19-05-2005 22:29:31

congrats! the coach card is great because you can use it online and in the store )


20-05-2005 08:07:14

I am shipped on my GC


20-05-2005 14:09:42

[quote09963ca53d="RealtorKen"]I am shipped on my GC[/quote09963ca53d]

I'm shipped on my Coach too )