HELP! Keep getting "Page cannot be displayed" for

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18-05-2005 13:02:18

I am trying to keep my end of a deal up by doing freeipodphotos for someone. I try to click Napster(i have not done) or Consumer Info. These 2 are the ones i have not done. I get "page cannot be displayed". I emailed gratis they said to make sure i have latest internet explorer installed (bull$hit)....what do i do? Does this happen to anyone else? Its so friggen annoying WANTING to complete an offer, and not being able to do it!!!



18-05-2005 13:04:25

Go to C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS and delete all the entries after localhost

That might solve the problem.


18-05-2005 13:15:45

OMG You are the MAN!! That fixed it!!!