Recieved my MacMini what next to upgrade

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16-05-2005 21:09:07

okay got my mini mac in the mail today ... haven't opened it ...

I'd like to upgrade to one with
a super drive
airport wireless
1gig of ram

now i heard i should go with this ram http//

for the super drive bt/ap should i just visit an apple store and exchange my unopened mini for a "super" one? or is there a cheaper way to go about it

also i heard someone say that at the apple store if you bring them the pqi ram that they'll install it for free ... seems odd is that true?

thanks and if theres a cheaper route to go please let me know


17-05-2005 00:39:04

For the RAM

1GB Rosewill from Newegg
$79.99 + $4.99 FedEx Saver - $10 coupon (code CNETHELP1)

So, $74.99 shipped. The coupon code I guess is $10 off any Rosewill order of $20 or more. There are comments from other Mac mini folks saying this RAM worked great.


17-05-2005 06:05:39

I would go with for your ram. They are the only people I have had good luck with Mac RAM. They have a 1GB stick for around $99 I believe. Your MAC's reliability will be directly related to the ram you put in it, so I think it's worth the extra $20 or so. I have used them for several macs, and I have even tried, but I have had issues with their ram in one of my machines as well.

You could exchange it for the 'super' mini, but if you are looking to upgrade it like that, I would get a store credit and put it towards a new iMac which has most of that built in, and is way faster for a couple hundred more (especially if you can use an educational discount).

I received my mini yesterday, and I put tiger on it, and it was alot slower with the 256MB, but ironically, the same night, apple upgraded to 10.4.1, and I have noticed a speed boost...

You can upgrade your regular mini later for the same price as the super mini, about $250 more including the ram, bluetooth, airport, and superdrive 4x.....

1gb will double performance easily.. no matter who you get it from. If you have issues, just be careful, because when you call apple, the first question they ask is 'have you upgraded the ram'?
Oh yea, before your warranty runs out, I would get 'Apple care'. It's a 3yr warranty/support, and I have found it to be worth it. Apple's quality control isn't what it used to be.

Let us know what you do.



17-05-2005 06:47:44

The Rosewill is working perfect for me. The most important upgrade for sure. I'm gonna put the Pioneer Dual Layer DVD burner in it though P


17-05-2005 09:52:00

Got mine today, WOOT!

But onestep - what's the best way to get Tiger? Any way to get it cheap, or is everyone stuck with lishudderli buying it?


17-05-2005 09:58:38

[quote5d5b2c8bb3="redskunk"]Got mine today, WOOT!

But onestep - what's the best way to get Tiger? Any way to get it cheap, or is everyone stuck with lishudderli buying it?[/quote5d5b2c8bb3]

I believe all the new macs that don't come with Tiger can be upgraded for $9 or something like that...i know this happened to my buddy. he just got a mac mini about 2 weeks ago and had the option to upgrade for dirt cheap. might want to give apple a jingle

EDIT - here you's $9.95



17-05-2005 10:03:30

Another guy had it come with his. hmm.

EDIT Thx. )


17-05-2005 10:15:26

You want to go through the Apple Up-to-Date Program

It's $9.95 + tax. You can submit it online (if you purchased from an Apple store - that's not us), or mail it in.

However, when mailing it in you do need to include a sales receipt - which is where some of us get into an issue (since our's don't come with one). I had taken mine to the Apple Store to trade in for one purchased in the proper Tiger upgrade window (they were very cool and did this for me) - I also upgraded to bluetooth/airport at the same time. So, I got a nice dated sales receipt from the Apple Store which made it simple. So, if you don't have Tiger and you don't have a sales receipt, you may want to take yours to an Apple Store and see if they'll be cool and let you do a return-rebuy. Just say you got it as a gift and see where that gets you...


17-05-2005 11:54:39

Look in the box for tiger, it was right on top in mine. You will have to upgrade it manually.

Also, I would go to http// on the lower righthand side where it says 'about your apple product' you can type in the serial and see when it was purchased. Mine was April 27th..
See if yours is the same. If it is, I would imagine tiger is in the box somewhere....


17-05-2005 13:36:53

well, this is what I did....I already had a $65 apple gift card, so I returned the mini that I got to an apple store, and had my did sister go back and buy it with her student discount....did the wireless upgrade, and with her discount it came out to $650 and some change.....going to buy the ram myself and upgrade it this week.