Has any site sent $250 Ashford.com GC's? i got one randomly

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16-05-2005 18:34:15

i just got an Ashford.com $250 gc fed exed to me in the mail. but i have zero idea why. any ideas?


16-05-2005 19:03:36

Are you sent to vendor on freehandbags.com? If so then gratis must of sent you the gift card instead of the purse.


16-05-2005 21:52:28

Yeah, the Ashford GC is from freehandbags.com.

None of the other Gratis sites are currently sending GiftCards instead of the gifts ) Congrats!


18-05-2005 20:05:10



18-05-2005 23:09:48

lol i guess gratis prolly messed up and gave him 250....he has no idea why he got it so....u lucky ass lol )


19-05-2005 07:02:32

yeah, the ashfords are for the handbag....maybe you were one of the Feb 16th people like myself that they are currently cleaning up.


19-05-2005 07:48:23

ok, on Ashford.com if you goto the checkout there is no place for ashford gift certificate...

THERE IS a giveanything.com gift certificate option...

Somebody who has the gift certificate try at one of the participating stores. This might be awesome!


20-05-2005 12:01:38

I already got a check for $250 b/c i ordered an LV, so i'm not lisureli it's from handbags, but i did email them a letter about a fendi, so if it's that... i don't know. whatever, i ordered a bag from Ashford and it'll be here Sat., so i'm good either way.

i DID send back that second ipod mini they sent out, but i don't even know what this GC is for, so.... twisted .. wink


20-05-2005 12:10:02

call to use gc
there are instructions on the site.....
you got 2 ipod MINIS? and a GC?
wtf mine


20-05-2005 12:26:32

i called an ordered already, i'm tracking it now. i completed the ipod mini, but they sent tons of people 2. so i sent back the extra. not sure why they sent this extra gc, i think b/c i did handbags and they thought i wanted a fendi? But it didn't even have a letter saying what it was from, not a note, not anything. very wierd.


20-05-2005 12:59:41

mini or shuffle?


20-05-2005 13:47:02

oh yes, shuffle! D