Anyone got a green for Simple Escapes - 30 Day FREE Trial

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14-05-2005 17:11:37

has anyone done this new offer and gotten a green yet? I'm curious ot know. If so, how long did it take?


14-05-2005 18:01:23

im also considering doing this offer but it looks REALLY suspicious
im running out of offers fast so i might not have a choice (


14-05-2005 18:07:12

Its from the same company as Privacy Matters. And from my own experience and, Privacy Matters seems pretty bad. So Simple Escapes may be just as bad with crediting.


15-05-2005 16:15:02

and they like to say...30 day trial...when it's really watch out for that


15-05-2005 16:16:56

Yeah, I did it mid last week, and no credit yet, so we'll see what happens.


16-05-2005 12:11:45

I got credit for this site today as well as Privacy matters. Also, my ref who did this site got credit for it.

Wow, they must have sent all the confirmations all at once to Gratis.