on hold question

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13-05-2005 15:03:48

I've been put on hold by gratis, they say

"We have determined that your referrals appear to not be unique users. "

but i have no referrals just me signed up for it.Does anyone know why they would do this?
I email them so I'm still waiting for a answer. I was green for about 2 weeks.


13-05-2005 15:12:37

Is this the first site you've done for Gratis? If you have greens on another one of their site than they will put you on hold for all sites.

If you don't have any greens anywhere than this is a very odd problem.


13-05-2005 15:38:10

I got greens on 2 of there other sites.But I'm not on hold for them YET.But on 2 other sites I did not recieve credit and they told me to wait 15 business days not 15 regular days but these are not the same sites. 5 different sites all together.


13-05-2005 15:40:08

Probably from one of those other sites with greens then, just wait for their response. It actually isn't email, there is a support ticket function built into their website. Make sure they haven't already gotten back to you.