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13-05-2005 05:03:58

I just got aproved yesterday evening, and place my order this morning.

Has anyone else had any status changes lately, or even received this camera?

I'm just trying to get an overall idea as to how much longer I should expect to wait until I get this sweet sweet beauty.



13-05-2005 06:55:36

Processing on the same camera since 5/4


13-05-2005 07:38:04

Me too. Processing since 4/22/2005


16-05-2005 16:42:48

processing since 5/4 as well....


20-05-2005 11:37:50

I got the DSCM1 a few weeks ago, it's a sweet camera. I received it about a week after I went STV and I got it before it said shipped. Mine came from Focus Camera in Brooklyn, NY so you'll get it sooner if you live in the NE. UPS delivered it.


22-05-2005 20:30:14

I've been processing on the Cannon since 05/04/05


23-05-2005 16:06:05

Still 3/10 (


25-05-2005 08:38:52

STV today!


25-05-2005 09:39:24

[quote7a0151221b="RealtorKen"]STV today![/quote7a0151221b]

Me too. Thanks for letting us know.


25-05-2005 10:10:49

STV here as well....yay


25-05-2005 13:19:00

The weird thing is, I received this yesterday from CSR

[quote7aa52b6248]5/24/2005 51831 PM
customer service wrote
We are sorry for the delay. We pretty sure this product maybe discontinued. We are working on this issue with our supplier. Hopefully we can ship this order to you soon. Please be patient. Thank you for your cooperation.

5/23/2005 45758 PM
RealtorKen wrote
Or are you having problems obtaining the cameras? Will we be receiving checks instead for this site? I would gladly accept a check for the amount you buy the camera for.`

5/19/2005 84728 PM
RealtorKen wrote
Hi, I have been processing for over 2 weeks. Do we know when I will receive my camera? Please, I would be happy with a guesstimate. Thank you in advance!


25-05-2005 14:00:48


Thanks for the update! I gave up checkin on it )


26-05-2005 08:53:30

Shipped, Its being delivered today!

Good day for me! My order from is arriving today as well. I used the GC from to cut the price in half for a Movado watch for my Girlfriend.


26-05-2005 12:11:05