Flatscreen Approved? How long have you been waiting for?

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12-05-2005 20:37:13

Seems like there aren't that many people doing the Free Flatscreens deal anymore.

Anyone have theirs approved recently?

I submitted mine for approval about 3 weeks ago, and they gave me the OK 4 days ago.

Now I get to wait on them to process it (7-10 days.. right)

Anyone else waiting on STV?



12-05-2005 21:10:24

just went STV on Monday
so there is a chance you might actually be processing for 1-2-3 weeks.


17-05-2005 10:12:03

ive been STV since april 19th and still patiently waiting


17-05-2005 11:32:07

meth, shouldn't you get that checked out?


17-05-2005 14:48:50

yeah, what did you order?


17-05-2005 17:31:00

i ordered the 19" Sony LCD monitor. i was thinking about emailing them if my status didnt change by friday


18-05-2005 16:54:56

how many refs do you need for the freeflatscreens?


18-05-2005 17:14:25

[quotee7e339fd7f="blawson"]how many refs do you need for the freeflatscreens?[/quotee7e339fd7f]

10 references


19-05-2005 13:12:31

It's 8, not 10 when I did it.

And I'm still waiting / processing for my 17" Samsung.

Submitted for processing on 5/10/05

Wait, I think we might be talking about two different companies.

I did the gratis one (hence the post in this forum)... www.freeflatscreens.com


flatscreen4free liisli 10, I just checked ... why would you do that when you can do 8 on freeflatscreens? liconfusedli


19-05-2005 15:52:19

im STV on my freeflatscreens for Toshiba 24", which i will be returning at best buy to buy myself a nice flatscreen. I should get it next week i hope, so , then you should go STV the following week.


19-05-2005 15:58:44

Handle, how much can you get for the toshiba? It's probably too late for me to switch from the samsung anyway, right? lisighli


19-05-2005 16:10:19

if your processing, switch if you want

I can get $399 store credit at Best Buy for the Toshiba by telling them it was a gift that I don't want. I'm still deciding if I really want to give it back or not.


19-05-2005 20:20:00

man im still STV (4/19) when do you guys think i should contact gratis?


19-05-2005 20:56:37

file one today, dont put it as a "order status" ticket becaue they never answer those figuring everyone is just not patient.

Send a letter to their office address, they answer quickly.


19-05-2005 23:13:48

[quotea89f9af925="gotmeth366"]man im still STV (4/19) when do you guys think i should contact gratis?[/quotea89f9af925]

About 2 weeks ago!

Def send in a letter asap


19-05-2005 23:21:39

I see your back Dr Maxima after scamming me out of a green on freeipods a couple of months ago.....welcome back and enjoy your freeflatscreen.



20-05-2005 15:17:36

i went shipped today!!! thank god, i didnt think i would ever make it... now what site to do ;)


21-05-2005 00:11:38

[quoteb87a549c7d="theysayjump"]I see your back Dr Maxima after scamming me out of a green on freeipods a couple of months ago.....welcome back and enjoy your freeflatscreen.



I emailed them about the issue, they never responded... what am I to do? We had close to 10-15 pms going back and forth, remember?

Let me know what I need to do to fix it... I thought since I didn't hear from you that it had gone through, I never checked up on it since I was just in this thing for the flatscreen and wasn't interested in the freeipods...

PM me again, lets work things out ) I honestly thought it was resolved.

Back to topic...

argh, I'm still waiting on the samsung, been 11 days... how long on average has it been taking you guys?


21-05-2005 00:15:44

well it just seemed like you disappeared of the face of the earth...if it was a genuine misunderstanding then i apologise.....unfortunately im not looking for anything at the moment except notebooks4free refs......so unless you can green for me on that then dont worry about it....no big deal....just thought you were a scammer is all lol. D


24-05-2005 17:00:43

Got my 8th freeflatscreen green today, approved in 10 minutes, now processing... pretty excited about my 27" sony flat screen


24-05-2005 17:11:02

blah. i just got put on hold today. atleast I didnt have to wait too long to hear about it. one of my referrals made 2 accounts, as usual (idiot). Hopefully my note to customer service resolves everything. otherwise, i'll be back making posts like "jake i'm totally insane and think it is your job to fulfill my every wish"...


25-05-2005 15:10:01

it finally arrived, my new FREE sony 19" LCD monitor!!!


25-05-2005 19:44:22

im wondering when my TV will come in cry


26-05-2005 14:39:00

lame. as I said above, my friend created 2 accounts by accident with no intention of using one of them. He contacted gratis and told them about this and they told him it wouldn't cause any problems because he told them about it in advance and obviously wasn't going to use one of the accounts (wasn't verified, no offer completed, etc). Now that I submitted for approval my account, you guessed it, got put on hold. I replied and tried to explain the situation but I got a canned response that probably didn't even take into account my explanation. and i really thought gratis was a good company. ( i guess i'll keep trying to explain anyways...


03-06-2005 05:58:25

Been STV since 5-26...when is the next batch of Sony 19" getting shipped out? I can't get any tracking info on mine, UPS or DHL


03-06-2005 09:13:44

WOOO HOOOO... it came today )


03-06-2005 11:18:47

Still heard nothing...I'm going to cry! I want that thing so bad


06-06-2005 07:57:00

Stilllllllll waiting (