Stupid question but I have to ask

Live forum:


12-05-2005 11:44:42

Now that I've done I can have the same exact people do another Gratis site for me right? Also I assume the referral sites won't let someone sign up who was previous member. I know most of them state something like "new users only" etc.

Anyway I just wanted confirmation before I went ahead and did another site. Thanks.


12-05-2005 11:57:49

I used almost the same refs for some of the sites Im doing, and Ive gotten approved....


12-05-2005 11:58:42

You can have the same people sign up under you at different sites, as long as they havent previously signed up for that site )

Hope that helps.


12-05-2005 13:14:21

Thanks guys, just wanted to confirm that was OK before I started hassling everyone again. ;)