FGS - PS2 Shipped

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11-05-2005 20:52:45

My PS2 is now showing up on DHL and it says it came from EFullfillment and should be here Tuesday...same day as my iPod. Yay.


11-05-2005 20:59:23

Nice man... nice

Should be a great day for ya )


11-05-2005 21:13:04

How'd you check it? Mine still says STV on the site...


12-05-2005 05:44:45

No XBoxes.....


12-05-2005 20:01:58

sWEET!! my ps2 should be here tomorrow! time to sell it for psp games!!


12-05-2005 20:36:21

PS2 will be here tomorrow just in time for a birthday gift. 8)


12-05-2005 22:37:30

yeah my ps2 and 20gb ipod will be here today (5/13/05) and my 60 gb photo ipod will be here monday (5/16/05)

I'll be keeping the ps2 and 60gb but the 20gb is going straight to ebay


13-05-2005 19:36:54

Got my PS2 at 900 a.m. this morning. Something about DHL, but they ALWAYS deliver between 8-9 a.m. in the morning at my house. Can't complain too much!

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