i <3 ipod shirt? never received?

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11-05-2005 20:51:14

they said it should have shipped out a while ago and i did the offer like a month ago yet never received my shirt? this happen to anyone else? is that site a scam just hoping people dont really care about a shirt? anywho i'm getting another shirt with my iPod on Tuesday so its all good...I guess.


11-05-2005 21:09:54

Did they say you were getting a shirt with your iPod? I've been hearing less and less people have been getting them cause theyre backordered.

Thats one reason as to why your shirt didnt come yet.

Good luck though,


11-05-2005 21:55:17

when i ordered my ipod it gave me the option of what size t-shirt i wanted.....thats the main reason i went for the freeipod, just for the t-shirt....im gonna be pissed off if i dont get that shirt!!!!


11-05-2005 22:01:22

ha, trade you my shirt for your ipod


11-05-2005 22:20:06


what size is it?


11-05-2005 22:21:15



12-05-2005 19:44:07

seems gratis is backordered for quite a few items that should never be backordered.

1) Xbox's (can be bought at ANY walmart/kmart....99% guarenteed instock)
2)tshirts......jesus christ is fruit of the loom upgrading their machines for the new tshirt 360?

seems like a lot of horse-shit to me.