Does SonyStyle ship the WEGAs via FedEx or UPS?

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11-05-2005 17:29:13

Or a diff company? Also, how can I get the "real" tracking number from the shipping company they use? The tracking number they give me is some internal number/fake sytem (fake in the sense you can't see what city the TV is in, etc)



11-05-2005 17:34:58

Mine was shipped by NVC direct, put the # in here[=http//]here and maybe you'll have some luck.


11-05-2005 17:50:39

Ah, ok, Next question - do they call you to schedule a drop off time? And can you change your address or have them hold it for you? I ask, because I am moving a few days before it gets here.


11-05-2005 18:07:05

They call and schedule and they are major pains in the ass...