why is it so hard

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11-05-2005 09:19:07

to get people to do freephotoipods? I have been trying to get this done forever now, and nobody seems to be interested. I only have a few people left, so I want to finish it.

My PSP, ipod shuffle, and mac mini were very easy to do. Has everyone completed photoipod? it doesnt seem like too many people have


11-05-2005 10:33:33

I used a personal website to get referrals. I ended up with 14 greens on photoipods all from people i dont even know and never had any direct communication with. I'm glad i was able to finish it this way because like you said, its hard to get people to do. Sorry i couldnt be much help but good luck with your referrals.


11-05-2005 14:18:35

yeah,photoipods is a frustrating one....I have 8greens,all from people I don't know,and about 14 yellows...I may have to start offering money just to get the last two completed.


11-05-2005 15:31:13

I got all my refs for freephotoipods from this board. Trading and Paypal.

I guess as with freeipods, it's all getting very rare.


11-05-2005 16:21:11

I completed it