What's up with DHL?

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10-05-2005 16:14:32

My Shuffle was supposed to get delivered today, but no one came. When looking at the tracking, it says "Delivery Attempted". If they did attempt delivery, they didn't even leave a note. Is this their usual practice? I've had bad experiences before with DHL, so I'm a little worried.


10-05-2005 16:37:04

maybe they went to the wrong house and tried to deliver it. A million things could have happened. What you should do is call DHL and arrange either another attempt at a specific place or for you to pick it up at the DHL office. Work with them and I am sure they will work with you. )



10-05-2005 18:17:00

they usually don't leave notes. They expect that you have internet access and the tracking number, to know to call them to pick it up or arrange a delivery.


10-05-2005 19:12:21

dhl-->not the best shipper in the world, but they usually need someone to sign to pick it up, so leave a note with your signature on it, and they should leave it.


11-05-2005 06:46:44

I left a note with my signature for my photo ipod but they didn't leave it and I had to go online to find out that they attempted to deliver it. So I just went to the DHL center to pick it up.


21-05-2005 02:47:12

yes DHlL suckss. same happened with my psp. attempted delivery so i had to the matter into my own hands and go pick it up from the station. lol


21-05-2005 08:19:46

ok after hearing of other DHL horror stories now I'm starting to get a little worried. I'm waiting to hear back from Gratis on the status of my iPod. My status says shipped but DHL says they never got it.



21-05-2005 18:18:59

i have a question when you pick it up do u have to have photo id? cause some1 could know that someone was gettin something and know therr adress..... and go in and pick it up....... do u need a phot id?