STV on freeflatscreens!

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10-05-2005 13:09:08

anyone ever get the toshiba 24"
im wondering who the shipper is and if i can check my order status!


10-05-2005 15:42:56

Congrats on that!
I hope to join you in the freeflatscreens winner's circle soon. )

The toshiba...I don't know anyone that chose that one....I never trust all in one electronics, so I can't say it interested me.

Tony White

10-05-2005 16:32:10

Yay for me! I finally got approved today for my flatscreen D

I went with the 27 inch TV. Like Legault said, I don't trust all-in-one electronics. I've heard that if one piece goes bad, it's nearly impossible to get that one piece fixed for cheap. You might as well junk the whole thing. Hope yours works out.


10-05-2005 16:34:28

actually a friend of mine actually bought the Toshiba and it works really well with great picture quality but when i did FFS i got the WEGA


10-05-2005 17:02:10

damn so no one knows how to check the status (


10-05-2005 17:12:47

check ur PMs


10-05-2005 17:15:52

freeflatscreens doesn't ship through DHL
I already tried the trick -(