WEGA says shipped... but it didnt

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09-05-2005 18:00:24

my wega says shipped at freeflatscreens.com but i didnt get a confirmation email from that sonystyle or wherever everybody else got thiers from, and when i try to search the order # on the shipping site... it says mine didnt ship..

what can i do? anybody know?



09-05-2005 18:06:27

Did you try to email Gratis?


10-05-2005 04:52:57

no i havent tried that yet, i dont even know how. Ive never had a problem with a free site before.

im gonna look around thier site and find thier e-mail i guess... thanks


10-05-2005 08:33:06

so heres the problem. i know for a fact that it didnt ship, but on the freeflatscreen.com site, the only option for email that pertains to me is "if your freeflatscreen has been 'shipped' for 15 days but it still hasnt come yet, e-mail here"...

do i have to wait for 15 days to email them or can i email them now because i know it didnt ship?