A friend signed up w/ my link but she's not showing up!

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09-05-2005 11:06:09

A friend told me she signed up using my link and completed an offer but her email isnt showing up! she was credited but her name still isnt showing...

could there be a delay? is there anything i can do to get credit for her referral?

she signed up ~ 5 minutes ago and did an instant credit offer


09-05-2005 11:10:39

edit she's still not showing up at all, but now it says "you need 5... you have 4" but the "you completed your requirement" thing changed to the "you can submit for approval" thing.


do you think i'm ok to submit for approval?


09-05-2005 12:06:02

That is weird... Sounds like she is counted but does not show. Why not contact support through help to be sure?


09-05-2005 14:39:03

[quote1d1a93197f="hehehhehe"]That is weird... Sounds like she is counted but does not show. Why not contact support through help to be sure?[/quote1d1a93197f]

I submitted a trouble ticket and got a canned response, so I replied back. Hopefully I'll get an answer.. maybe I have the max # of signups that can show? I have quite a lot..


09-05-2005 15:03:20

The same exact thing happened to me....

Someone told me they signed up under my freeipodhsuffle ref the other day & they are not on there. At first I thought the person was bullshlitting me...now I see something is going on. I'm going to send them an email too.


09-05-2005 18:20:06

happened to me too.. just as a warning.. they dont listen to your emails about this.. they send an automated response saying how the system in place will automatically count ppl that sign up under you and that basically it is 100% accurate( lol ) this happened twice.. the one person that signed up and i didnt get credit for, signed up on another one of my gratis sites and showed up.. so there has to be some kind of error in their systems.


09-05-2005 18:58:01

happend to my girlfriends account too ( she had to find another ref


09-05-2005 20:01:53

the weird thing is that the system somehow credited it even though it didnt show up... it counted as my 5th green and let me submit for approval.

we'll see what happens....


11-05-2005 21:53:01

crap, I think the samething just happened to me. hokeypokie just signed up for my freepsps and nothing happened on my end. if gratis doesn't do something about this i am going to be pissed. they better notice how many people are complaining about this problem.

anybody got a good contact there that we can shoot an email who will not just bounce an automatic reply back?

on a side note, in terms of the trade what the hell do i do if it never shows up? i did my part of the deal, he did his, yet the server screwed up. how do you resolve that?


11-05-2005 22:57:43

I e-mailed them and basically got this response

our site never makes mistakes

either your friend didnt use your link or didnt sign up correctly -- we never have problems

just in case i had a 6th person complete an offer. hopefully it gets approved....


12-05-2005 00:02:36

It's really crappy that this has been happening to people. Luckily, I've been pretty fortunate (with the exception of a few scammers). Good luck in getting credit.