I heart iPod shirt offer

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08-05-2005 18:51:37

Hey. I did the Appera offer for the t-shirt offer, and it said "instant offer" and it's been almost 5 days now. Has anyone else had to wait this long for it?


08-05-2005 19:04:43

Appera sucks at giving credit...I just now got credit on an offer I did back in mid-April & thats only because I emailed the bejesus outta them. Next time check ratetheoffers.com


08-05-2005 19:08:04

EDIT Well, I just got credit for it, but now I can't get the shirt. After I type in my info, the page won't load. And I tried it on multiple computers, so did anyone else have this problem.

Ok, thanks for the link.


08-05-2005 20:22:31

why would u waste an offer for a stupid shirt?


09-05-2005 15:34:08

because.....I wanted the shirt? If you're not going to help, don't say anything at all.


09-05-2005 16:54:27

i think im getting one for free when i get my ipod in the mail


09-05-2005 16:58:08

Theyre putting them in random iPod packages from Gratis.. Not everyone will get one.


09-05-2005 17:03:50

i havent recieved credit from em (appera) and its been a couple of weeks oh well what idiots


09-05-2005 22:08:40

i never got credit for it either ;(


10-05-2005 09:19:58

i probably would have given you mine for an offer completion


10-05-2005 10:42:00

Everyone that I have do apera gets instant credit (bout 4 or 5 people I think).