Can Someone Explain Trading? - Free Referal!

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08-05-2005 12:46:29

I think I understand what trading means (you signup for one offer for someone else and they do the same for you), but I read the TOS on and if I'm reading correctly it says you can only be referred once.

Does this mean that my friend who did a offer a long time ago (someone else's referal, not mine) isn't able to help me on She wants to help me, but I'm afraid that since she's done the offer before that she's not allowed too or anything.

Whoever can help me I'll signup for a free offer for them. Thanks =)


08-05-2005 12:52:57



08-05-2005 13:51:59

PMed ya!


08-05-2005 14:11:30

Even though Archon810 was the first to reply, AndrewZ is the first to answer my questions (other people asked me to msg them on AIM or email). So AndrewZ is the first to reply. Thanks dude, hope you got my PM! =)


08-05-2005 14:17:35

No problem ).

Got your PM and replied.


08-05-2005 18:41:39

Wow that was pretty shady...heh