Still No XBOX!!!!

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06-05-2005 14:58:26

My status shows 2/8 Approved, 4/6 status changed to backordered.

im just about getting fed up, why cant gratis come up with a solution to their backorder problem? I can drive 10min to any electronics store (best buy, walmart, kmart, target, etc,etc and pick an xbox up without any problems.

I can wait a month, i can wait Two, but were rounding the corner of the third month now ,and its getting just a bit ridiculus.

did i mention im waiting for my PSP too......

due to these waits, and the wait i had for my ipod from gratis. I am no longer doing any gratis sites, for trade or myself included.


06-05-2005 15:56:11

eh if u wanted the xbox so bad u would have bought it already. btw i went STV for FGS xbox lol


06-05-2005 16:31:02

I went STV on FGS for my xbox today I just hope I get it in time before I move on the 21st I was just about to cancel my order to be safe and change my addy to late now though


06-05-2005 18:22:48

[quote18b29156b7="creep"]eh if u wanted the xbox so bad u would have bought it already. btw i went STV for FGS xbox lol[/quote18b29156b7]

i already own an xbox....but still. Fact is it SHOULD BE HERE...jackass


06-05-2005 21:52:10

Lunar, I'm with you. Ordered 2/7, still Backordered as of today. Odd that some folks went STV today - wonder if there's actually stock or they're just getting added to the backorder list...


08-05-2005 00:27:44

STV on mine as well...


10-05-2005 14:53:40

I've been processing for like a week now on my freePSP

and I've been backordered since forever on that damn x-box


11-05-2005 11:26:07

I ordered in Febuary also and still no phucking Xbox. And now OC wont give me credit for a PSP offer since I wont do the Gratis site..... Ive about had it with free sites


12-05-2005 19:34:42

yeh still no xbox for me ./....and been processing for psp for 4 days or so


17-05-2005 12:18:58

i got this message today

"Sorry for the delay. The XBoxes will be shipped by the end of this month. Thank you for your patience"