Temp summer address: waiting time for minimac and shuffle?

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06-05-2005 13:20:34

Hey guys,

So I'm moving for the summer to NYC (internship). My university doesn't forward packages so that puts me in a pickle at the moment.

I'll be at my NYC address for 10 weeks. If I put in an order for my minimac and ipod shuffle, do you think the total processing + shipping time will be less than those 10 weeks?

Anyone with experience about either product or know an average waiting period?

I rather wait until after the summer to place my orders if it cuts too close.



06-05-2005 18:39:44

Yeah, I think 10 weeks is usually plenty of time. My guess is that you'd get your product before then, say maybe around 3-6 weeks or less.

My iPod Shuffle took maybe 2-3 weeks or so.

Previous sites I did took maybe 3-5 weeks last year when I did them.


06-05-2005 19:52:34

Thanks Dennis, I shall put in an order when I move to my NYC address =)