[freephotoiPods] wtf processing?

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04-05-2005 16:49:58

I know for sure thats its been over 5 days now and if not then this is the 5th day. And now when I mouse over the "What does this mean" it says it can take a bloody 7-10 days when yesterday it just said 3-5!!


04-05-2005 17:28:36

it's been over 5 days.

Some people (including me) have been waiting over 3 WEEKS


04-05-2005 17:45:05

i think they updated some of the text on the websites


04-05-2005 18:28:34

Damn man cause I'm really hoping to get this iPod Photo before school is out. Not to show off to everyone but just to my friends. This would suck if it doesn't come till June.


07-05-2005 20:41:03

damnit! i hate this! i have the same exact situation! gah!!