FreeiPods.......4-6 weeks?

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04-05-2005 15:57:18

i just checked my e-mail that i used to sign up with and when i placed my order (monday may 2nd), they sent me an e-mail saying


Thanks for your order! Due to the high demand, orders may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to ship.[/quote9ac20baee8]

did anyone else get this e-mail? were you told it could take up to 6 weeks just to ship? ill contact gratis to see what they say about it.



04-05-2005 16:02:04

yeah, it said that in my order e-mail also. But, my shuffle said 1-2 weeks and it has been 3 weeks for it and still no ship.

Hopefully I will get my ipod before my trip in July. )



04-05-2005 16:04:19

That sucks.. I requested approval the other day -(


04-05-2005 16:06:53

i got my shuffle about 2 weeks after being approved....i dunno whats going on with gratis.


05-05-2005 11:27:47

When I placed the order for my freeipod is said 4-6 weeks and I flipped out.

took about 3 weeks from placing my order to receiving the actual ipod. (processing, STV, shipping)

Good luck!


05-05-2005 12:37:06

Do you think it will be here by early June? I'm moving then... Also, if it doesn't come by then (which would be a loooong time) can I cancel the order and place it again at my new address?


05-05-2005 13:13:41

Wow, the last time I remember them taking this long was back in September/ October of last year. I thought gratis straitened themselves out.