3-5 Days to 7-10 Business days!??

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04-05-2005 10:50:05

http//www.aggressclothing.com/absolut/approval.gif[" alt=""/img3a757aef29]

Gratis has changed the approval stage of waiting even though it never matched whatever it stated. It used to say 3-5 days but now it changed to 7-10 Business days.
This is my girlfriends account when she requested for approval on 4/25. I waited 3+ weeks to get approved and i thought since they started shipping that everything would begin to move smoothly...i was wrong ( Its ok though


04-05-2005 11:08:25

damn that fucking sucks but what can you do


04-05-2005 13:37:22

we can do something!!!

We can all wait!! lol


04-05-2005 13:49:59

how are you processing when you just completed your stuff on 4/26/05 ? Dang thats fast


04-05-2005 14:05:22

he got approved on 4/26 and he ordered that doesnt mean he finished and got approved on 4/26