freeminimacs ref problem

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04-05-2005 10:16:28


I have a problem with my freeminimacs refs. I gave my friends my ref link, they signed up, got their credit, but then i never saw their name on my list. I wondered why... after a while, I realized that my email address ref link and my ref # aren't sychronized. For ex

http// has the referral ID of 17872xxx

while the link they gave me

http// has the referral ID of def

as you can see, the referral ID aren't the same... that was why i didn't see any peeps signing under me (

any suggestions to this problem? (


04-05-2005 10:22:13

Most likely they signed up but you gave them the wrong ref #...Now someone probably got some green refs cause of your mistake. When i give my friends my link, i always log in to my account and click on refer friends to get my referral link. I dont think you can transfer referrals, so your out of luck but hopefully theres a way....


04-05-2005 10:33:05

I would try to contact them and see what they say.....send them both links, and let them know it was their mistake...happened to a friend of mine on his shuffle account. He lost 2 refs that way