PS2 Slim, STILL PROCESSING as of 3/16

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thomas moore

04-05-2005 09:44:01

hey i just wanted to see how many people are still processing from 3/16 or upward in the month of march? or if anyone after 3/16 and still in the month of march has received their shat. thanks! wink


04-05-2005 10:13:21

I'm also processing for PS2. Order date 3/28.


04-05-2005 10:42:11

I just submitted for approval on FGS on 4/30, so we'll see how long this will take

thomas moore

05-05-2005 08:39:15

i just sent in a little cs ticket seeing whats the update on the situation, ill post it in here when i get the reply, hopefully some non robot response! thanks fellas. wink