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04-05-2005 08:48:01

Does anyone know which PC has the greatest retail value? Thanks!


04-05-2005 19:05:43



04-05-2005 19:13:05

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04-05-2005 19:46:55

im unsure but i wouldve thought either the cyberpower or the dell (since it has the monitor). i remember someone posting a pic of their invoice for their cyberpower and it was about $641.

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04-05-2005 20:58:46

My guess is that the CyberPower goes for a little more. That's without the Dell monitor, mind you. I'll make sure to post my invoice amount once I get the CyberPower, if anyone cares.


04-05-2005 21:13:49

Monitors are almost not worth selling online. The shipping cost kills it. The dell is more well-known and probably has better value online. Most people don't know who cyberpower is. AMD is abandoning the chips with the 754 pin count. The 939 is the new standard. This big difference in the processor and motherboard availability is the reason why I chose the Dell.